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Freddie Brown Jr.

Freddie was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.  After high school graduation, he started building check out cabinets for Load King.  He discovered his ability to work with wood and continued this trade for St. Vincent's Hospital where he built wall units and doors for the facility.  Eventually he went to work for Pal King as a pallet builder and restorer.  During his tenure at Pal King, he rose to the position of Supervisor over the Church Street plant.  In 2002, the plant closed so Freddie started up his own company, BP Materials.  His original intention was to supply the materials needed to build pallets rather than build the pallets himself.  By 2004, he saw the opportunity to enter the pallet building business once again.  A new warehouse, powerful equipment, and training for highly skilled workers, gave him the best direction for his company's future.

Adell Brown

Adell is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.  After graduating from Edward Waters College, she entered the drug and alcohol field as an Addiction Prevention Counselor.  She continued to work in this field until 2002 when her husband Freddie Brown, started up BP Materials.  She became the Office Manager, while he ran the plant operations.  Adell has many community service awards, and most recently named Patriot National Honor Roll 2011.